The philosophy of our brand is considered simplicity.









For our logos, tap into the following, right-click and ‘save as’

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It’s rare for any text to be bold — Film titles are denoted by single quotation marks as the following ‘Ghostbusters’

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Editorial Guidelines

We established some digital editorial guidelines to maintain quality and consistency in the content on, and to meet the needs of our audience so we can keep giving our readers what they love. It’s a living document, so as new things are agreed by the team, they’re added. At the top is a checklist we go through:

  1. Check the style guide, which are general notes.

  2. Use our SEO software to suggest a SEO-friendly headline/title and standfirst/introduction.

  3. Add 1 onward journey option about 250 words in (sometimes people need an out, so give them a good one).

  4. Pick 2 onward journey options to come at the end of every article: another story they could read, something they could research, and something they might like to plan a visit for.

  5. Add one pull-quote/review quote/testimonial.

  6. Keep all paragraphs to 1–3 sentences (think about what it will look like on mobile).

  7. Check that all facts are referenced/linked to (referencing enhances trust).

  8. Add a subheading at least every 300 words and ensure subheadings work harder in telling the story in a skimmable way.

  9. Check the finished product answers any questions that it set forth to answer.

  10. Focus on one story — don’t try to tell other stories or add superfluous information.

  11. Keep the tone conversational in any content that is in New Notion’s voice — use ‘you’ and ‘we’ and ‘our’ rather than ‘audience/customers/visitors’ and ‘New Notions’.

  12. For Stories, the content can be in the author’s tone of voice but should not be academic.