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Why this exists

Firstly, I'm not writing and collating the history of this project because I think we had amazing success or that we achieved something particularly remarkable, though I do think we did some really solid work — I am proud of it.

I've built this archive because I think there are nuggets of things we learned and mistakes we made that could be useful to other folks thinking about starting or currently running a pop-up cinema.

Who am I?

Aaron Guthrie. I'm the one writing this. I started New Notions back in 2016 when I was working in a cafe in Belfast at the time and wanted to bring cinema events into it. It grew from there.

I sometimes talk about a collective we. The we in this context is usually referring to the New Notions Collective, which is the extended group of people that poured many hours into making New Notions better, we'll come back to those stunners later.

How to use this

This archive is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, so this is free for you to steal, remix, and make your own. Have at it, even for commercial purposes.

There are exceptions where the copyright is not owned by New Notions or Aaron Guthrie, however. Reach out to aaron[at] if you're unsure, or if you've any feedback. #FeedbackIsAGift

Let's dig in.