Girl Talk/Boy Talk

Girl Talk / Boy Talk
Remix the Archive



This is a performance of a coming of age story told through archive film and live music while local poets and writers perform their developed pieces of personal reflection on their own youth.

Ungovernable, obnoxious, self-dramatising, vain, foolish: these are the defining traits of the teenager.

Fleshing out themes of adolescence, internal battles, rebellion, identity, lust, and emerging into adulthood, this event weaves together many tropes and tribulations of life as a young person.

The performers bounce off and remix with curated archive film clips of young people, riffing about what they care about, their anxieties, and the battle with the self. We will reflect on how much is different, but crucially too, how much is the same.

Think of the format as a magazine performed as a live show, like say, The New Yorker LIVE - some long pieces, some short bursts of funny one paragraphs, big photo(film) series, etc. A riotous evening of shared embarrassment of those awkward years, and the smug satisfaction looking back on the fact that you somehow survived them.